Will It Take Another 70 Years?

As India celebrates 70 years of independence, a question arises: Is freedom from colonialism enough?

There are plenty of issues that we need to deal with, but we choose to bury it under national pride. We have definitely made a lot of progress, considering the poor condition that the British rule left us in. We had our economic reforms just a decade after China’s economic reforms, but they’re still way ahead of us! 

Let’s not consider development for a moment, as most developed countries achieved independence way back and we are still growing at a healthy rate, but jobless growth is meaningless. We can’t ever be truly independent unless we develop an enterpreneurial mindset. We still depend on foreign brands, especially for luxuries. We need to be competitive. We must be self reliant and that is possible only if businesses get proper funding, and encouragement from the government. Despite being one of the world’s largest software tech exporters, we still lag behind when it comes to tech MNCs. 

Coming to society, I don’t think anyone, feels truly independent in India, especially if that ‘anyone’ is a woman. We need freedom from moral policing, true freedom of speech and expression. But it seems we’re actually regressing. Problems like mob lynching plague us even now. Students also do not have their freedom, with colleges imposing dress codes and other regressive rules. 

This is a screenshot from InShorts app. Is this what we mean by independence and freedom?

Finally coming to politics, I’ve already posted about the need of youth to get involved. We can’t keep criticising something that we are not ready to change through our own efforts. In fact, writing  a blog post is the least one can do to spread awareness and encourage the youth to take action. Remember, as long as we remain silent, nothing is going to change. You feel something is wrong? Try to change it. Never be afraid of rising up against authority. Never stop questioning. The society can only progress through dialogue and debate.

Wishing all Indians Happy Independence Day.

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