Ways By Which You Can Sabotage Your Dreams!

I’ve got to be honest with you. I love people who are on the path of killing their dreams without even realizing it! Their sheer sense of perspective and awesome personality is something that I want to throw a light on. l am intrigued on what makes them who they are and how can other people adopt it to lead their lives in a useless manner. And therefore, I have compiled a list focusing on the thought I have raised.

1) Procrastinate, the hell out of it

Do you have a goal to achieve? Well, you can easily kill it with unflinching procrastination. Be in total denial that you are not wasting time, and you are set for the path of total destruction. See, people have a tendency to procrastinate, and so will you, which is completely ok, but don’t let it consume you. However cliché it might sound, but procrastination will flash you the worth of time you lost until it’s too late.

2) Play the Blame Game

“I failed because I didn’t have time to study.”; “I lost the match because of my partner.”; “I’m not getting a job because the economy is bad.” I’ve heard it all. If nothing is going right, blame the circumstances or the people for your shortcomings. These expressions are very powerful to make a dent or completely wreck your “supposed dream life”. Have a sense of ownership over your faults. It will give you a moment to introspect over your actions and use that time wisely.

3) Have other people figure out things for you

Problems are practically in everyone’s life. Having other people forming decisions for you and acting over it has to be the most important element in destroying your goals. You lose a sense of individuality and focus when you have people figuring out everything for you. From “Please do my research project” to having people figuring out important life decisions for you, it roots you from any possibility of having control over yourself in difficult times. When you encounter a problem, you don’t complain about it, instead, you find a way and solve it.

4) Judge People

Be a careful judge of people over silly parameters like education, wealth, gender, religion and even skin color. And, voila! You are the smallest man that exists. It really baffles me that how people can wrongly judge a person solely on the basis of his/her education and/or wealth. Being a mindless critic will accelerate your path towards being a useless person. Be sensible enough to not do this, or continue ahead – be a fantastic loser and miss out on some constructive opinion that might have given you ways to figure out some things in life

5) Believe in Overnight success

You look at star sports players and top entrepreneurs and get really hyped up on their accomplishment, believing that success, for them, was always there, waiting. What you don’t get is the work that they have put into the future that they deserve. Countless hours were spent, sacrifices were made, which all added up to become who they are. You can believe in overnight success, but also have the courage to have what it takes to be one.

So, to conclude, if you are

  • An incessant procrastinator
  • A blame generator
  • A person relying on others
  • Judging people on silly grounds
  • Believing in overnight success

Then, congratulations on successfully destroying your dreams! 🙂

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