To a New Beginning

Hey there readers. I suppose we have been a bit inactive for a while, but now we’re back, with our brand new dot com website.
2017 saw a lot of changes around the world. Some of the advancements make it feel like it’s really The 21st Century, y’know, like in those old sci-fi movies and books from 50 years ago. And some things were… well, can’t really call them advancements when it seems like we’re going backwards, but hey, can’t have it all, I guess.

YouthSutra started off in the middle of 2017, and we’ve come this far without losing steam, just growing and expanding our scope. It’s been a great ride so far, and it wouldn’t be possible without the continued interest and support of our readers. Thank you for being a part of this place.

Unfortunately, we lost all our subscribers when we moved our site. So scroll down and hit that follow/subscribe button! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram for staying updated with our posts!

From all of us here at YouthSutra, have a Happy New Year!

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