New Microsoft Study Highlights Needs of Class of 2030

A new study by Microsoft, carried out in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, suggests that in the future, emotional intelligence and advanced cognitive skills will be necessary to stay ahead of the pack. The study, which surveyed students, teachers, and thought leaders across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Singapore, was released last week and offers insight into some of the steps schools will need to take to ensure that today’s children have the skills and knowledges needed to succeed when they graduate in 2030.

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3 thoughts on “New Microsoft Study Highlights Needs of Class of 2030

  1. Thanks for highlighting this…I also believe it’s the one thing that will also difference us from AI and machines when they take over most repetitive jobs …

  2. Glad that you liked it. Yes, true. And I believe, AI has to take over most repetitive jobs. The human brain wasn’t built for sitting at cash registers.

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