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Hello, wanderers of the internet. Being the introductory post of this blog, I’ll just be giving you a sample of what to expect from this place. We’re basically a ragtag collection of youths with big dreams and unpopular opinions, so this blog is the fruit of combining those two, you could say.

    A lot of things human beings do seems to be to make sense of the world around them. Reality is extremely complicated in some ways, requiring people to spend years and years to understand something. This is certainly true when it comes to studying the natural world – it’s always an ongoing process. Our knowledge of every natural system is never complete. And likely won’t be, for a long time, if ever. On the other hand, when it comes to society, particularly human interactions, making things out to be more complicated than they are can sometimes make it worse.

    One aspect of society that’d benefit from less overthinking is culture. A lot of the cultural institutions, practices and traditions prevailing in many societies around the world are, basically, trial and error. This works well when it comes to some things, like food. Each culture has its own food that evolved because of the ingredients available, cooking methods, and so on. However, when it comes to things like religion, nuances about modesty and whatnot, these were hacksaw fixes to social problems. They were band aids. In the modern age, they cause more issues than the problems they supposedly fix. We have better ways to deal with the problems now, making these systems outdated.

    Now, I’m not exactly calling for a revolution, or saying these systems should just be ripped out. I’d just like to invite some discussion on the topic, and hopefully pave the way for change. We all need to consider the role our actions play in shaping society into what it is, and our actions are, ultimately, shaped by these influences. So let’s consider. Let’s wake up and see what our world could be.

    Of course, this is just one post on this blog, with many more to come. We’ll be having articles of critique, reviews, and plenty of other fun stuff. So look forward to it!

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  1. wow I too have some opinions i’d love to share and i think this blog will be really a good forum for such discussions. keep going!

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