How to Make a Pop Song in 2018

Pop music or Popular music had its modern origin in the mid-1950s in the US and the UK. Over this period, it has absorbed a lot of musical influences from other genres like rock, jazz and folk traditions. The last two decades also saw the influence of electronic music and techno in Pop.
So if one wants to make money through music, they should have a basic talent of singing.

We are complacent about our choice of music, but I am no one to question one’s choices. When we search YouTube for top ten songs of 2017 or whatever which is released in the past ten years, we always go for the most viewed. These songs are punchy and give a feel good sensation. Let me tell you how these people write such rich music and how they bag your mind to listen to it millions of times.


If we look at the lyrics of some of the pop music which are released over the past 10- 20 years, we can see that they have a very interesting pattern. So if one wants to begin his career in music, they have to get in touch with one of the most influential producers like Max Martin. Now Max is a person who can make an unknown artist to a celebrity, provided that the video is viral on YouTube. If we look closer to the lyrics of many of his lyrics in top charter songs, we would find that they revolve around the same topics – Love, breakups and all romantic melodramas which is very similar to Bollywood (except, that Bollywood has a clear monopoly on very few artists). Now the lyrics would vary, a tiny bit, but some catchy lines which might highlight objectification would be added to these songs so that people would enjoy the party well and take pleasure in such songs.


To be a pop celebrity, you must also have looks like that of any Hollywood celebrity, regardless of them being white or black. If you are black and you are male, then you would probably wear a gold chain, a hat, and a jacket. Many of them would get into hip-hop, because it is not dominated by whites and it makes it seem that Male – Black artists are fit to be rappers or into something lile R&B or Blues. If you are a Female artists say Nicki Minaj, then you need a bit of extra work and twerking which would increase the artist’s sexual appeal, not the music. White artists just need to look cute and the rest will be taken care by producers.

Musical Style

Finally, something which is very fundamental to the song, music need to be very rich. But, if you want to be a celebrity overnight, provided that you considered all the above fundaes, then this is nothing but a no brainer. Say for example, if you take up Chainsmokers’ Closer, they just added something original, that is, repetitive chord progression, a catchy tune after chorus and beats which are seldom repeated twice or thrice in the song. Wait, if you don’t know how to sing, it doesn’t matter, because we have a function called auto-tune, so if your sound has an amorous touch which can bring up the appeal of the song, then you don’t have to work very hard. Everything thing is done with machines nowadays. Take up any songs after MØ’s ‘lean on’, say ‘I took a pill in Ibiza’ and many such songs, what essential content is the vocal ‘wah-oh-ways’ which gives punchiness to the song and gives a party like feel.

If you are an artist then you should have all these things in mind. Manufacturing a song is not a very tedious business. Anyone can make a song which has significant musical and lyrical influence from celebrity artists. For starters, one should begin with artists like, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus. Listen to their music and lyrics carefully and jot down how they make such mellifluous songs. If you ask for music which are three to four year old then listen to songs all the DJs have made.

Making music is not anything strenuous anymore. You don’t have to be original to be a musician. Many artists begin their career these days by singing covers. If all the above mentioned criteria matches to your music, then you can have a successful career as a celebrity and getting mentioned over and over again by future cover artists. So anyone can “manufacture” music and make fortune out of it.

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