Bangaluru Pride March 2009

*Rant* Homosexuality Through Time

Pride flag

The rainbow doesn’t have strict borders; it’s like us, diverse as a spectrum

Homosexuality and all these sexual minorities have been in existence since the dawn of sexual reproduction on earth! From ancient Egypt to Indus valley (or ancient India in general), they were there and was even accepted if not worshiped.

Every single interpretation that defaced or ignored these historical occurrences came from the rise of a Patriarchal society that needed to necessarily divide humanity in order for it’s existence. They needed to define perfectly defined constraints and characteristics to each sides.

“Women must have longer hair”
“Men must be stronger than women”
“Women shall always portray emotional vulnerability”
“Men should never frigging show a bit of their feelings”

These stereotypes were nothing more than an unscientific and quite pathetic creation of Patriarchy. Any bleeding in these stereotypes will brand the person weird if not despised.

In fact, not a single person in history had ever been strictly masculine or feminine as per Patriarchal definitions. Neither is it possible for humans to be culturally conditioned into this classification (attempts at such results in disastrous phenomenons like “Toxic Masculinity”)

What there is, are just Humans; a generally bisexual great ape species with comparable intelligence to some other social mammals like elephants and dolphins.

We humans come in many colors and varying anatomy, for we adapted to many different terrains.

We humans come in a diverse spectrum of sex, sexuality, gender, gender expression and gender identities; for we are too damn diverse to ever be boxed and classified.

In the end, we all are and will always be, just Humans; a curious speck of dust in a pale blue dot flying thorough an infinitely huge universe that might itself be just another insignificant mess among innumerable multi-verses.

So, for the sake of what has came and what is to come, love your fellow specks

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