Gold Digger? We all dig something, don’t we?

Disclaimer : This might offend most men.

Whenever we call a woman a gold digger, we often forget how WE ‘select’ and rank women before approaching them, primarily based on physical attractiveness. Hypocrites, aren’t we?

Many rich people, no matter how they became rich, marry women half their age, again primarily based on physical attractiveness. Some just choose to live the casanova life.

Now, again, when women choose men based on physical attractiveness, not money, nobody gives a fuck. Same happens when men choose to date women based on their Tinder and Instagram accounts. So, why is it about the money? Actually, I’d respect a woman who falls for riches earned, more than the one who falls for looks, that are gifted. At least the money is earned. Gold diggers, at least give a chance to men who aren’t genetically gifted with good looks, but are ready to work their butt off for earning money.

Of course, digging money or looks won’t do good to either of the two categories mentioned above in the long term, but that doesn’t mean that a particular category, i.e., women in this case, should be targeted and looked down upon.

So, if women who go after money can be termed as gold diggers, what do you think men, who go after their bodies should be called?

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PS. As a guy, for me, physical attractiveness is important, but not the only factor. But at least, I don’t go around calling women bitches or gold diggers. What do you guys think?

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