Dear Nationalist…

Dear Nationalist,

I hope everything is fine in your country. Oh! Sorry, how can anything not be fine in your country apart from a bunch of fools who are voicing their opinions against imaginary drawbacks. So I see that you feel really proud of your country just because you were born there by chance. Good enough reason, right? Ignorance is bliss, and being deluded about your country is even better.
You make a lot of sense, actually. As you say, nothing is bad if it’s a part of our culture or tradition, and everyone should be forced to follow it, right? And, going to war is a better alternative to peace, since your ego won’t be at peace if you don’t show your supremacy. And the most striking aspect, what better way to show your supremacy than by bringing other nations down? And the way you bring nationalism into politics and religion is a treat to watch. Driving away people who come to your land in search of opportunities they don’t have back home is the best way to show who’s the boss, while fostering an incompetent domestic workforce . Ironically, the very nationalism that aimed to unite people has created divisions on a global level and a pseudo-unity on a national level. So people, even if we don’t develop, or don’t have healthy international relations, and misguide our youth, at least we have our pride, and that’s what matters. So everyone, please stop cribbing about your nation, for the nationalist is blinded by a curtain of denial.
I would like to quote few lines from Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s poem in Gitanjali.
Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments

By narrow domestic walls

Where words come out from the depth of truth.”

This quote below sums up nationalism:

The world, indeed, has been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls and narrow mindedness. A severe identity crisis has taken over where people rely on their nationality for feeling secure. Talent is not being allowed to thrive, and “foolish” liberals and seculars are harassed.

So, people, if you really love your country, please be patriotic and improve it, and beware of politics, the steroid that beefs up patriotism into nationalism, which is ultimately destructive on a global scale.

One among the fools,


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  1. I totally agree with you – nationalism is a way to fragment and separate us all, alienating us from our natural way of being as humans. Promoting a culture of peace starts with each one of us, by becoming aware of the traps hidden behind dogmas and strict beliefs.

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