Comfort Zone – Bubble to be Pricked 

At some point, we all complain about lack of motivation to do a particular task. Often, we complain about how we won’t be able to achieve anything at our current levels, and all stupid reasons to not take up a particular job. While writing this post, even I complained that I am facing a “writer’s block” and I am not getting any motivation or ideas to write any blog post. This also made me think what I am doing with my life and sit down over-thinking about things which doesn’t matter to me. When I do such pointless thinking, I become delusional about how abysmal my thoughts are and I feel like I have achieved some higher state of consciousness and thinking.

Over-thinking had caused me to be stolid, irresponsive, and inattentive. I also feel that with such thinking, I am not only wasting my time but I am also draining my mind of energy and making myself addicted to it. I lose self control over my thought process and I delude myself to believe that I am achieving something with it. I feel comfortable in thinking that it would be right to believe in your own perspective of world and other ways to look about the world is just an eyewash.

Dreaming at the Edge

We often cry, complain, and take no actions to realise our dreams. Dreaming and over-thinking about something we desire in life is a deadly combination when no foot is put forward to take action whether right or wrong. We are too lazy to realise our dreams and believe that we may achieve it but in reality we do nothing but sit at place and check babes on Instagram, FB or whatever and we don’t commit ourselves to realise our mission.

Breaking out of our comfort zones

Procurement is always needed to realise our goals, but we need to take a step forward in order to begin our journey, regardless, even if it is a baby step. But if we want to grow in life and give meaning to it, then we first have to start with a small beginning. We can’t say if the grapes are sour without even jumping up in the air or giving up easily before it becomes tough for us. What we dreamt of becoming, or what we desire in life will not come to us on a platter, garnished with petals and toppings, but by continuous persistence and effort.

Once we make the effort, we snap out of our comfort zones, and we are already swimming.

Have you started yet?

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