Adaptability is the KEY to your Independence

The lives of most people are predominantly centered around changes that occur regularly, if not frequently. Life will throw down changes at you – changes that you might not like, changes that will render you completely out of your supposed life path, and changes that you will absolutely love.

Life, as it happens, is laced with unpredictability in every fiber of it. But, what you can do is take control of how you perceive the changes around you.
There is only one thing that defines us in all of time, and that is, how you can derive any degree of positivity out of changes happening around you. Sure, there will be some massive changes that you might have an affliction to, but the ability to derive positivity is the one key step towards gaining adaptability in every sphere of life. Being adaptable in strange and foreign surroundings can help you understand your situation better, in a sense that, how have you evolved as a person to reach at a stage where you are flexible enough to derive maximum utility around your environment.

Instead of complaining how your situation should be, focus on how you can adapt yourself to be better than anyone else in that environment. Accordingly, seek to work in difficult situations, hang out with people who are far more intelligent than you, put yourself into situations in which you are not comfortable to take risks in, and practice to be adaptable in all of the above conditions, and consequently you will transform into a better person, both mentally and emotionally.

Being flexible has the power on how you can decipher and act on people and circumstances to your advantage, which ultimately leads to your independence from all the problems and complaints that you were constantly interacting with. With the new found liberty, you can be anything you want and have a positive impact on yourself to improve exponentially.

So, however might be the condition, be the most resilient person out there, for there lies the key to your true independence.

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