8 Incredibly Useful Products Available Online for College Students in India

College life is amazing, but you may have times when you are broke and totally dependent on others.

There are certain items we need to keep with us which can be helpful throughout our college life. Here’s a list of some essential stuff which can come handy whether in an emergency or even when you plan on watching a movie with a friend. Some of these items can also help you get rid of procrastination. This post is dedicated to all these incredibly useful items.

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1) Power Bank

As a student, you will ALWAYS be on the move. You will be busy with internships that require a lot of travel, sponsorship work for college fests, and with various clubs. But your smartphone will be your best companion, and you don’t want your phone dead when you’re out alone.

A high capacity Power Bank will ensure that you never lament on seeing that ‘low battery’ ever again. We found a 10000 mAH Power Bank by Syska that you can buy from Amazon right now. Click the link below to buy!

2) Headphone Splitter

This is one of those products that are so simple, yet so useful.This is ideal if you are watching a movie in a group and you kind souls don’t wanna disturb others, or if you can’t afford that Bluetooth speaker, yet.

We found this ingenious splitter on Amazon, with which you can connect upto FIVE headphones! You can buy this directly from Amazon by clicking the link below!

CHKOKKO 3.5 mm 5 Way Jack Stereo Audio Headset Headphone Earphone Hub Splitter Connector Adapter, Black

3) Dual USB Drives

We own multiple devices, such as Hard Drives, Smartphones and PCs. Thus, a simple Pen Drive is no longer enough for quick transfer of large files between devices.

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes cables. This SanDisk Ultra Dual USB drive that has a micro-USB as well as USB 3.0 connector, so that your file transfer and storage needs are sorted, without any additional cables. You can buy this product from Amazon through the link below

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0, SDDD2 32GB, USB3.0, Black, USB3.0/micro-USB connector, OTG-enabled Android devices

4) Noise Reduction Ear Plugs

You have to study for your exam, prepare for a seminar, do assignments and a whole lot of other stuff to excel academically in college. In the midst of all this preparation, intolerable noise can drive you nuts! Ear Plugs effectively block out noise and let you concentrate on your work.

Check out this Amazon Best-Seller below

3M 1110 Corded Foam, Noise Reduction Ear Plugs (Pack Of 10)

5) Fitness Trackers

Though more expensive than any other item in this list, fitness trackers are worth the money, especially for today’s sleep deprived students. These trackers ensure that we know what’s happening to our bodies, and what we can do about it.

Fitbit is a popular fitness tracker that will take care of all your health needs. All that you need to do is get off that couch! You can buy this from Amazon through the link below.

Fitbit Alta HR – Small (5.5″–6.7″) (Black)

6) Desk Organizer

Your desk can tell a lot about how your mind works. A cluttered desk will affect your clarity of thought and hamper your efficiency. Desk Organizers help make sure that you don’t spend half your study time searching for stuff.

You can buy this highly rated desk organiser from Amazon below.

Callas Mesh Desk Organizer with Three Trays and 5 Upright Sections (Black)

7) Productivity Planners

Procrastination is the silent killer of our dreams and aspirations. Productivity planners such as diaries and journals are silent killers of procrastination! Sometimes you need to make written commitments to yourself to have a ‘get things done’ attitude.

This is the best planner in our opinion that will help you keep track of EVERYTHING! You can buy it from Amazon through the link below. Buy it fast, it’s the beginning of the year.

I Can-I Will Success Planner Diary Organizer Weekly Monthly Yearly 2018 Hardbound (FSP18HB)

8) Multipurpose Pen

This is something interesting and COOL.

This pen by Puro features five different uses and is a suitable tool for your class and work presentations. Click the link below to check it out on Amazon. Fantastic product if you prepare presentations and are graded on seminars!

Puro 5 In 1 Multipurpose Pen

Special Mention:

BOOKS should never be kept out of the equation. We recommend the following books available on Amazon, for students to get the most out of their college life.

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