4 Ways to Network in College Life

Getting into a college and living up to it might be time taking and tedious at times. The traditional ways of networking may not always be the best to make a huge follow up for you in order to be popular in college. As college students, those who wish to get to know more people in college and be influential need to keep these tips in mind.

1. Getting in Touch with a Hosteller

We all have one friend in our circle who resides in the college hostel. Campus residents are some of the important sources of contact. One reason is because when you get in touch with a hosteller you tend to make more contact in one of the hostels. Secondly, in many of the college fests and events which are managed largely by students, hostellers play a big role in conducting these events. Hostellers are vibrant and are a family to their fellow residents. If seniors in the hostel are comfortable with you, then voila, you have friends and acquaintances in hostel, which is a good sign of progress. Although a large friend circle is not probable, you can persuade people to listen to you.

2. Joining a Club or a Society

Every college or university has some clubs or a sort of gathering apart from the regular academic activities. Being a part of an influential club, say a theatre, you can make many people know you, in and out. Theatre is one such club, where taking a membership can be very much fruitful for making contacts, reason being, theatre is done in public, and it is very obvious that you have more friends compared to people who are not part of such a club. There can also be other influential cultural clubs, or something like Rotaract club, if it is in a college.

3. Social Media

Catching up on Facebook and Instagram has become very useful for getting in touch with people in your college whom you don’t know but have a mutual connection through your friends. LinkedIn is also very important and a useful platform to get in touch with college alumni and also with your seniors who are working or studying in some lucrative fields.

Facebook groups with college students and alumni are also a very easy way to know people and making contacts. One needs to only spark the conversation with a senior or an alumnus.

4. Extracurriculars

Taking part in inter or intra college events can also help you build up your connections in the best possible manner. If you win a particular competition within the college or outside, you have the people’s gaze over you. Only participating won’t help, if you want to make a huge follow up, then you have to hustle to get to the top of the competition.

If you attend a seminar or conference, with top notch panelists present in the event, then make sure to listen to it carefully and ask at least one good question which you have in mind to get the panelists’ attention. This in turn will appreciative for you, at least near your circle.

An essential part of expanding your reach among people, is that you must be as open and diplomatic as possible. You may learn some more tips through experience on communication and people management. Also, diligent listeners and open minded people have a higher chance of winning people, so you should also respect people’s choices and perspective on various issues. Everything comes out of effort and patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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